Dry Ice Blasting
New Technology

Dry ice blasting is a cleaning technology without solvent, detergent, perfect for degreasing operations on machine tools in the industrial sector.

The media used is the dry ice (solid CO2), which is placed inside the hopper of a blaster or CO2 cleaning machine.

The dry ice is blasted on the surfaces ready to be treated, using compressed air, in order to eliminate dirt and pollution accumulated for many years or not, causing the latter to detach.

Dry ice blasting operator cleaning glue on industrial process

The list of articles below will allow you to get a clear idea about this cleaning technology, whether you are an industrialist or a cleaning company.

Find out how industrial dry ice blasting reduces production stoppages dramatically

Discover all the advantages of the cleaning by dry ice blasting in industrial sectors: from preventive cleaning to curative cleaning, from cleaning delicate surfaces… Dry ice blasting is the most efficient for dry industrial cleaning method.

Dry ice blasting removes instantly dirt by mechanical and thermal action without generating secondary waste, and without damaging the treated surfaces: rubber or plastic mould, electrical installations, paint stripping…without requiring particular protection : dry ice blasting is the best solution for the industrial application: food industry, foundries, commercial and professionals premises.

Discover all dry ice blasting uses and much more : dry ice stripping uses with abrasive !

Dry ice blasting is used in industrial cleaning but not only… No wonder this method is appreciated more and more by architects, because this technology of surface treatment is: fast, economical and generates very little dust… And if you add a few abrasive, the results are fantastic !

For the reclamation of your surfaces and to remove all types of pollutants, the projection of dry ice pellet or compacted dry snow (coupled with bicarbonate, or other types of abrasives): The surface treatment by dry blasting ice is the Ecological Cleaning par excellence !

Dry ice blasting machine… how choose ? Pneumatic or electric ?

Looking for professional dry ice cleaning equipment ? For decontamination operations, or to perform services (or cleaning benefits) in the industry?

Choosing a professional CO2 cleaning machine is not an easy thing to do when you are starting out in the field, and before you start a purchase, you would like to know the answers to your questions about existing technologies, tariffs, Dry ice consumption, etc…

In short, your desire is to be able to equip you with equipment, with a quick return on investment !

What is dry ice and how to use it ?

Carbon dioxide in solid form, also known as dry ice, as it passes from the solid state to the gas, without going through a liquid phase. This property is named: Sublimation.

Unsung by the public, dry ice is now one of the ways in which industrialists can clean up their processes, while significantly reducing the impact on envirronment.

Discover all the articles on dry ice in the section carbon dioxide solid: its history, its applications and much more!, media that today replaces the use of water and high pressure cleaning on many applications and Dramatically reduces effluents.

Dry Ice Industrial Cleaning Training : Learn the basics of dry ice blasting !

Like all trades, the basic of success remains the theoretical and practical training.

Industrial and cryogenic cleaning do not escape the rule: basic knowledge and the practice of its knowledge, after training in industrial cleanliness techniques by dry ice ensure the development of companies and their Provide their customers with services through a clean environment-friendly technology.

Dry ice blasting : Principle of action… How it works ?

Discover in video the operation of the process of cleaning by dry ice: impact, thermal action, sublimation… The 3 stages of dry ice blasting in images to better understand the process.


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