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Dry Ice Blasting Equipment

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Dry ice blasting: new cleaning technology!

Cryoblaster® it’s a range of dry ice blasters, adapted to the preparation of surfaces and which benefits from the last advanced technologies: nanotechnology insulation, high-frequency vibrator, abrasive tank (option)…

Cryoblaster® was conceived for the operations of cleaning, scouring and plant maintenance…

Why dry ice blasting, is the solution?

Why dry ice blasting? The world evolved and with him its prize of, progress, of techniques and also pulling the appearance of contaminants of a new kind.
The current industrial techniques of cleaning, are not necessarily the ones who/what give the better result.
To try to remove contaminants, we use very frequently products which for a great majority of the latter: solvent, detergent, sometimes give mediocre results.
There is however a technology which is really profitable both to the environment, that regarding profit and more important still regarding efficiency.
What’s the name of this technology? The dry ice blasting.

Dry ice blasting: explanations of the process, the stages…

Dry ice blasting uses dry ice (-78,5 °c/- 109.3 °F ) as a cleaning agent.

How does it work?

The dry ice is placed in the hopper of Cryoblaster® and is blasted on the surface to clean by the vector: compressed air/gun and supersonic nozzle.

The interest of this cleaning technology lies in the triple action of the dry ice, which makes it a real solution to the removal of the new contaminants: click on the link more about dry ice blasting for more information on this cleaning technology.

The dry ice created by micro-cracks on the dirt (varnish, paint, glue), because of its temperature :

– 78,5°C/-109.3°F, then sublimates itself in a report from 1 to 700.

The dirt is removed by the puff of compressed air!

Operator of dry ice blasting on hydaulic unit

Dry ice blasting: an ecological treatment that does not involve reprocessing of secondary waste

The dry ice cleaning is really a technique of ecological cleaning because contrary to the sanding, to the exfoliating scrub or to the high-pressure cleaning, there is no secondary waste to be redeemed.

The dry ice blasting pulls the fall by the gravity of the out-of-the-way dirt.

As a general rule, a quick sweep or of vacuum cleaner is sufficient!

The costs bound to the reprocessing disappear.

All the advantages of the dry ice blasting: dry, not abrasive, economic process

  • Dry ice blasting is a dry process
  • The dry ice blasting is not abrasive, contrary to the sanding. Respect thus for handled surfaces: we recommend you however for the cleaning of softwood a blasting in function powder: crusher nozzle coupled with an abrasive as the carbonate of calcium.

  • The dry ice blasting is much faster than the traditional methods of cleaning: at least 4 times.

  • The dry ice blasting does not require or not much dismantling. Contrary to the sanding, the service can be realized In the original location.

  • The use of the dry ice blasting in food-processing environment slowed down the proliferation of the following bacteria: E. Coli, Listeria, and Salmonella Enteridis, charge all 3 of food poisoning


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