Dry ice blasting equipment for next generation cleaning process

Dry ice blasting equipment or dry ice blasting machine, a new cleaning technology for new generation pollution. Discover in this article how this type of equipment works and the benefits of the cryoblaster range

Dry ice blasting is an industrial cleaning process, where dry ice (the solid form of carbon dioxide) is accelerated in a pressurized air stream. Then, it is directed at a surface in order to clean it.

Dry ice has several cleaning features. It offers an efficient and ecological alternative to classical cleaning methods like sandblasting or chemical cleaning.

But, it is particularly valued as an efficient stripper and degreaser. This is why; dry ice blasting is customised for cleanrooms applications in pharmaceutical chemical industry or food industry.  

Now, dry ice blasting is proven to be faster and more effective than classical industrial cleaning.

As a pioneer of dry ice blasting, Cryoblaster® supplies a wide range of dry ice blasting equipment. It also supplies you with expertise for your next tape to new generation cleaning process.

Dry ice pellets for dry ice blasting equipment

Dry ice pellets for dry ice blasting equipment

What standard dry ice blasting equipment?

Before dealing with a dry ice blasting process, your will principally, need a dry ice blaster with adapted gun blaster, hose and nozzle. You will also need a compressor to supply your dry ice blaster with pressurized air stream. And of course the medium, dry ice, which is manufactured by pelletizer from liquid CO2 and store in insulated containers.

An appropriate protection equipment is always recommended, to avoid burning risks, because of dry ice extreme cold.


How to use dry ice blasting equipment?

Classically, the blaster integrates a remote control panel and fit out with a jet gun through a hose. It also integrates a hopper that is filled with dry ice pellets. Next, dry ice pellets are dosed into the pressurized air stream and are propelled through the blasting hose by the airflow.

From then on, using a dry ice blasting machine is easy and effortlessly. All the work is done by the pressurized air stream and dry ice. Just run your dry ice blaster, where appropriate adjust settings, and you are good to go.


The most reliable and effective range of ice blasters customized for all applications  

You are an industry manager or a cleaning service provider, and you are seeking for the best equipment for your applications? Cryoblaster® offers a wide range of ice blasting cleaning equipment to fit a wide variety of situations.

Our blasters are highly efficient for professional users with tough work or for occasional users. Furthermore, our blasting solutions benefits from last advanced technologies like nanotechnological insulation, high-frequency vibrator, abrasive tank, etc.

Our standard blasters works with single-hose system. This system uses a quickly cycling airlock for a significant power delivering, even in case of double-hose using. It fit out applications where an aggressive cleaning is an advantage.

For average work check out our range of ATX NANO

This little blaster uses the power of single hose technology. It reduces ice and compressed air consumption and deliver a very efficient job. The ATX Nano was designed for indoor use and is suitable for precision work on small and medium surfaces.

It is light, ergonomic and can be moved easily in your work area.

Minio- dry ice blaster for dry ice blasting applications

Mini dry ice blaster ATX Nano…

For heavier applications, solutions specially designed for industrial cleaning companies

ATX 25 and ATX 30 equipments are our most powerful and versatile blasters available in a electric or pneumatic version. This range is specially designed for professional users with extensive cleaning requirements. Suitable for all cleaning situations, they provide extremely effective cleaning.

Thanks to a dry ice consumption regulator and a pressure regulator system, these solutions offer the best compromise between power and economic use. They provide a greater autonomy before recharging.

For more aggressiveness, our solution is ATX 80. This machine is a pneumatic high-pressure ice-blasting cleaner, which has advantages of both dry ice blaster and sandblaster. It deals with all applications in all situations.


Accessories for all cleaning applications

To meet the requirements of specific cleaning applications Cryoblaster® supplies high quality ice blasting accessories, simple to connect and highly effective. Cryoblaster® supplies blasting guns, flat nozzles, supersonic nozzles, specialized accessories and extension hoses.

A wide range of blasting guns and nozzles are available in various designs to suits any cleaning requirement for a maximum efficiency, whatever the job.

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