Here is a non-exhaustive list of the sectors of activity and applications of dry ice cleaning, which can be carried out with Cryoblaster® equipment.

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What are some of the benefits of dry ice blasting in your application?

Dry ice blasting applications: some advantages

Dry ice blasting is a non-toxic and environmentally friendly method of removing dirt and dust from various surfaces. It is also effective in reducing production downtime and minimizing secondary waste. This is particularly beneficial for industries in which it is necessary to maintain product quality and hygiene .

Dry ice blasting is a non-abrasive process that can be safely used on virtually any surface. It provides superior cleanliness and can eliminate months of buildup. As a result, it is suitable for electrical and mechanical appliances, as well as food processing equipment.

Compared to abrasive blasting, dry ice blasting does not produce fine particles, dust or smoke. Therefore, it is ideal for delicate surfaces that cannot withstand abrasive sandblasting.

Dry ice can clean hard-to-reach surfaces, such as between gaps and between large metal parts. Plus, it’s a quick and effective method to remove stubborn sticky buildup. In addition, it allows for more frequent cleaning, and therefore a longer service life of the equipment.

Three factors influence the effectiveness of the dry ice blasting procedure:

1- the thermal conductivity of the contaminant*,

2- the firing power (pressure and volume) which communicates kinetic energy to the dry ice. This causes pollution shear.

3- Sublimation or the passage of ice from a solid state to a gaseous state which, with the help of compressed air, literally blows away pollution.

*: For example, if the contaminant has a high thermal conductivity, the efficiency of the process will be reduced. On the other hand, if the contaminant has a low thermal conductivity, the efficiency will be increased.

Some applications of dry ice blasting in detail


Some applications of dry ice blasting in detail

Aerospace Dry Ice Blasting Application

In the aviation industry, dry ice cleaning is used to remove impurities and fuel residues from aircraft engine parts, resulting in improved engine performance and longer engine life. In the defense industry, it is used to clean sensitive weapons and equipment, keeping them in good working order.

Cryogenic Cleaning in the Automotive Industry

In the automotive industry, dry ice blasting is used to remove grease and oil residues from mechanical parts, improving the performance and lifespan of vehicles. It is also used to clean tools and manufacturing equipment used in car production.

Dry ice cleaning in the energy sector

In the energy industry, dry ice blasting is used to clean power generation equipment, such as gas turbines and wind turbines, resulting in improved energy efficiency. It is also used to clean equipment used in the extraction and refining of raw materials.

Dry ice cleaning in medicine and research

In medicine, dry ice blasting is used to clean medical equipment, which helps reduce the risk of infection and improve the quality of care. Dry ice blasting is also used in scientific research to clean sensitive scientific equipment and instruments, such as measuring instruments and research cells. It helps reduce contaminants and impurities, which improves the accuracy of search results.

In short, dry ice blasting is a versatile process that can effectively clean the surfaces of many types of equipment and instruments,improving performance, service life and accuracy of results in the different industries and fields where it is used.


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