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The company Delta Diffusion SARL, owner of the brand Cryoblaster ® strives to give paramount importance to the privacy of its customers and prospects, the users of the Internet sites it manages and the confidentiality of their Policy.

Delta Diffusion SARL undertakes to process the data it collects and processes, in compliance with applicable laws and regulations such as Law No. 78-17 of 6 January 1978 relating to information technology, files and freedoms and the regulation On the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General regulations on Data protection: RGPD).


ARTICLE 1: Definitions

Personal Data: Any information relating to a natural person who may be identified, directly or indirectly.

Processing of personal data: any operation, or set of operations, relating to such data, irrespective of the process used (collection, registration, organisation, conservation, adaptation, modification, extraction, Consultation, use, communication by transmission diffusion or any other form of provision, reconciliation or interconnection, locking, deletion or destruction,…).

Cookie: A cookie is a small computer file, a plotter, deposited and read for example when viewing a website, reading an email, installing or using a software or mobile application, Regardless of the type of terminal used (computer, smartphone, digital reader, video game console connected to the Internet, etc.).


ARTICLE 2: Responsible for the treatment

The person responsible for the processing of the personal data referred to herein is the company Delta Diffusion SARL, whose head office is located 52, Chemin de Blackwell 38290 Frontonas, France, with the capital of €3000-SIRET 49931419300016-APE 8122Z.


ARTICLE 3: Data collected

Nature of data collected

As part of the activity of the company Delta Diffusion SARL We may be obliged to collect the following personal data: Your civility, surname, first name, postal address, country of residence, professional status, number SIRET, VAT number Intra-Community, email, password, IP address, partial credit card number, domain name of your website.

Procedures giving rise to personal data collection (these procedures give rise to your prior consent):

 – Civility, surname, first name, email, IP, Phone: commercial prospecting forms

– Civility, surname, first name, postal address, country of residence, professional status, number SIRET, intra-Community VAT number, email, password, IP, domain name of your website: registration as a member and use of the features of our Websites.

– Civility, surname, first name, postal address, country of residence, professional status, number SIRET, intra-Community VAT number, email, IP, partial credit card number: purchase of a product or service on one of our internet sites. The purpose of the collection and processing procedures.

The objective of collecting and processing your personal data can be:

 – The operational requirements of our websites, registration, identification of members, security of access, access to content and services.

 – Security of access to online computer networks and infrastructures, data protection, intrusion detection or illicit activity

-the collection of mandatory legal, accounting and legal information

-The commercial prospecting necessary for the company’s activity

ARTICLE 4: Recipients of data-subcontractors

Your personal data is exclusively intended to be operated by the company Delta Diffusion SARL. However they can be forwarded to our subcontractors listed below.

In the event of illegal activities, suspicions of illegal activities or for the purposes of investigations, judicial requisitions… Your personal data may be transmitted, on request, to judicial authorities or controls: Police, gendarmerie, Magistrate, Department of Population Protection (ex DGCCRF), tax or social services etc…

The personal data collected and processed directly by the company Delta Diffusion SARL are exclusively stored in France, in the databases of the servers of the company OVH.

Our subcontractors to whom your personal data may be transmitted, if necessary, are:

 – OVH Company: Internet site hosting, cloud service, email box management

– Company JOYE: Accounting services

– Banque Crédit AGRICOLE SUD RHÔNE-ALPES: Banking Services

– PAYPAL Company: Banking and online payment services

– Winning strategy company: Autoresponder System

– AMAZON Company: Cloud Hosting.

Delta Diffusion SARL does not sell or rent your personal data to third parties in any way.


ARTICLE 5: Right of access, opposition and withdrawal

In accordance with the legislation in force, you have rights of access, rectification and deletion of personal data concerning you. You can freely access, modify or delete your personal data except legal obligations: by sending an email to: contact @ Delta-diffusion.

You can also exercise your rights by contacting us by phone at 09 81 37 76 93 or by postal mail to Delta Diffusion SARL, 52 Route du Blackwell 38290 Frontonas, France.

Any prospect or customer may unsubscribe from the newsletters received from the Delta Diffusion SARL Company using the unsubscribe link at the bottom of each message shipped.

You may, in the event of a dispute, form a claim with the CNIL whose contact details are at the Internet address

You can, using the coordinates indicated above, request to receive detailed information on your collected personal data, the purpose of the treatments applied to them, their shelf life, their recipients, as well as Benefit from their portability.


ARTICLE 6: Cookies

The sites, use cookies which are intended to facilitate navigation on the site, to execute the service provided by the site and, to facilitate the purchase process of the Consumer.

Type of cookies set up:

The cookies used by our company are functional type cookies. They allow to manage certain features of the site, to facilitate the connection to the website, to make more enjoyable the process of buying the consumer.

Cookie Management

The main function of our affiliate system is based on the use of a cookie containing an anonymous identifier. The user has the option to refuse to install this cookie on his device, but this will jeopardize the efficiency of the proposed service. The acceptance of the cookie facilitating the connection to the sites or is at the discretion of the registered member at the time of connection to the site and editable at any time with one click.

Denying cookies if you refuse to register cookies in your terminal, or if you delete those that are saved, you will not be able to benefit from a number of features that are nonetheless necessary to navigate Some areas of or

This would be the case if you were trying to access our content or services that need to identify you. This would also be the case when we-or our service providers-could not recognize, for technical compatibility purposes, the type of browser used by your terminal, its language and display settings, or the country from which your terminal Seems to be connected to the Internet.

Where applicable, we disclaim all responsibility for the consequences of the degraded operation of our services resulting from the inability for us to register or consult the cookies necessary for their operation and that you would have Refused or deleted.

How to exercise your choices, depending on the browser you use? For the management of cookies and your choices, the configuration of each browser is different. It is described in the Help menu of your browser, which will let you know how to change your cookie wishes.

For Internet Explorer ™: Http://, for Safari ™: , for Chrome ™: Answer. py? hl = en & hlrm = en & answer = 95647, for Firefox ™: Http://, for Opera ™:, etc.

“Flash” cookies © from “Adobe Flash Player” ™ “Adobe Flash Player” ™ is a computer application that allows the rapid development of dynamic content using the “flash” computer language. Flash (and applications of the same type) memorizes the settings, preferences and use of these contents with a technology similar to cookies. However, “Adobe Flash Player” ™ manages this information and your choices via an interface different from the one provided by your navigation software.
To the extent that your terminal would be able to view content developed with the Flash language, we invite you to access your flash cookie management tools, directly from the .

ARTICLE 7: Safety

Delta Diffusion SARL takes all necessary measures to ensure the security of the personal data it collects.

No personal data is stored within the premises of the company Delta Diffusion SARL, the personal information collected is hosted by our specialized subcontractors (web hosts, autoresponder/emailing, payment systems, Accounting).

Access to secure servers or databases managed directly by Delta Diffusion SARL is restricted by a strong login and password, through an encrypted SSL/HTTPS connection.

The servers are hosted in the data centers of the company OVH, highly secured and eligible for several levels of certifications (ISO 27002 and ISO 27005, certificates SOC 1 and 2 type II).


ARTICLE 8: Duration of data retention

To meet its legal obligations or in order to have the necessary elements to assert its rights (accounting, taxation, tracing of accesses…), the company Delta Diffusion SARL will be able to archive the data under the conditions laid down by the Regulation.

The personal data related to the operation of the Internet sites managed by the company Delta Diffusion SARL are kept for 3 years within our computer databases after the last connection detected for access to our websites.

The personal data of the customers of the company Delta Diffusion SARL are kept for 3 years after the purchase within our computer databases, then during the legal duration in force within our documents or databases of accounting.


ARTICLE 9: Amendment of our Privacy policy

Delta Diffusion SARL reserves the right to change this privacy policy at any time, in particular in accordance with the changes made to the laws and regulations in force. The changes made will be notified to you via our website or by email. You can read our privacy policy on your personal data at any time by accessing this document.


ARTICLE 10: Non-EU data transfer

Delta Diffusion Sarl Sarl may be required to transfer some of your data outside the European Union. Among others your first name, email and IP address when purchasing a product or service made through the Paypal company.

 Transfers of personal data outside the European Union will only be carried out to countries whose level of security of personal data is recognised by the European Union as equivalent to that of the countries of the European Union.


ARTICLE 11: Information in the event of data theft

If in spite of all the protections implemented by the company Delta Diffusion Sarl and its subcontractors, some of your personal data were stolen, compromised or deleted, the company Delta Diffusion SARL is committed to inform you in the Legal deadlines and according to the legal requirements in force.

This obligation of legal information cannot be construed as an acknowledgement of liability or negligence on the part of Delta Diffusion SARL or its subcontractors.



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