dry ice cleaner ATX nano-E : precision cleaning

ATX nano-E: Unleash the Power of Precision Cleaning!

Discover the power of precision with the ATX nano-E, a revolutionary dry ice blasting machine designed to tackle small and medium cleaning tasks easily. This compact, lightweight and economical machine effortlessly removes oil, grease, ink, glue, food residue and more on a wide variety of technical surfaces.

Say goodbye to the risk of damage, thanks to its gentle but effective cleaning process. Versatile in all industries, the ATX nano-E is the ultimate solution for professional and industrial grade dry ice blasting.

Equip your company with one of the best dry ice blasting machines on the market and see the transformation today!

Exploring Unique Attributes

Dry ice cleaning on metallization process

Dry ice cleaning service on metallization process with ATX nano-E…

ATX nano-E : cleaning nettoyage Rolls Royce 1935

Dry ice blasting operation on Rolls Royce 1935…

ATX nano-E on industrial bakery

Dry ice cleaning in the food industry…


Here are some of the key applications of the ATX nano-E

  • Electrical Cabinet Cleaning: Removes dust and debris without damaging sensitive components.
  • Casting Mould Cleaning: Removal of pottery and other contaminants from casting moulds.
  • Industrial Kitchen Cleaning: Deep cleaning of kitchen surfaces and equipment, including hard-to-reach areas.
  • Industrial preventive cleaning: Regular maintenance of machinery and equipment to prevent breakdowns and extend service life.
  • Car Cabin Cleaning: Deep cleaning of car interiors including seats, carpets and hard-to-reach areas.
  • Restoration of monuments: Delicate cleaning of monument surfaces without damaging precious materials.
  • Cleaning printing machines: Removal of dried inks and other contaminants from printing machines.
  • Aeronautical parts cleaning: Precise cleaning of aeronautical parts without damaging sensitive materials.
  • Cleaning of mechanical parts: Removal of oils, greases and dirt from mechanical parts without altering the surfaces.
  • Medical Equipment Cleaning: Deep cleaning of medical equipment to prevent cross contamination.
  • Hydraulic system cleaning: Removal of contaminants from hydraulic systems to prevent breakdowns and extend service life.
  • Heating system cleaning: Removal of deposits and contaminants from heating systems to improve efficiency.
  • Cooling system cleaning: Removal of deposits and contaminants from cooling systems to improve efficiency.
  • Cleaning painted surfaces: Delicate cleaning of painted surfaces without damaging the paint.
  • Automotive cleaning: ATX nano-E can be used to effectively remove grease, oil, accumulated dirt and paint from various parts of vehicles. This method is particularly beneficial for cleaning complex engine components, restoring old car parts without causing abrasion, and preparing surfaces for painting or coating. It offers a fast, environmentally friendly and thorough cleaning solution for both conventional and modern vehicles.
  • Plastic Mold Cleaning: Precise mold cleaning to remove plastic residue without altering the mold surface
  • Cleaning of food production equipment: Elimination of food residues, greases and oils from machinery without the use of chemicals.
  • Turbine maintenance: Cleaning of gas or steam turbines to eliminate deposits and improve efficiency.
  • Cleaning of computer equipment: Removal of dust and debris from computer components to extend service life.
  • Paint Stripping: Removal of paint (non-component or epoxy) from metal or concrete surfaces without damaging the underlying surface.
  • Ventilation System Cleaning: Removing dust, mold and other contaminants from air ducts and ventilation systems to improve air quality
  • Fire Damage Cleanup: Removes soot, ash and other residue after a fire to restore surfaces to their original state.
  • Etc


  • The ATX nano-E is an industrial cleaning equipment that cleans surfaces without the risk of abrasion, with a reduced amount of compressed air: between 500 and 3100 l/ min.

  • This precision dry ice blasting machine effectively removes oil, grease, dirt, ink, mold, rubber, organic and synthetic residue, paint, glue, etc.

  • Its low compressed air consumption and dry ice consumption of 0 to 35 kg/ h will allow you to clean surfaces while saving money.

    Maintenance: none


The ATX nano-E a little and powerfull dry ice blaster


LED gun on 340° rotary fitting

Flat Nozzle

3 Nozzles: “S”, “M”, “L”

Blasting hose 5 meters (anti-static/anti-abrasion)



The ATX nano-E is a precision dry ice blasting machine, which effectively removes oil, grease, dirt, ink, mold, rubber, organic and synthetic residues, paint, glue and multiple other contaminants.

Ideal for small and medium areas: plastic molds, statues, car engines…

Its low compressed air consumption and dry ice consumption of 0 to 35 kg/ h will allow you to clean surfaces, while saving money.

The ATX nano-E is suitable for:

– car cleaning professionals,
– Industrial maintenance services (preventive cleaning);
– the plastics and foundry sectors,
– Agri-food (preventive process cleaning);
– etc.

Examples of use of ATX nano-E

– Cleaning electrical cabinet,
– Industrial preventive cleaning,
– Cleaning engines cars,
– Cleaning plastic molds and foundries,
– Industrial kitchen cleaning (hoods, grills, motors, etc.)
– Etc.

Not suitable for:

– corrective cleaning (strong & extreme fouling) – See ATX25-E V1 or ATX25-E V2
– large area cleaning (facade cleaning…) – See ATX25-E V1 or ATX25-E V2

Technical data

Working pressures: 29 to 114 psi (2 to 12 bars),
Ice consumption: 0 to 77 lb (0 to 35 kg/h),
Pressure regulator: in series,
Ice regulator: in series
Hopper capacity: 17,63 lb (8 kg),
Anti-static blast hose*: 16,4 ft (5 m), 3/4″,
Frame/hopper: stainless steel 304,
Motor: electric (alternating/asynchronous)
Electric power: 165 watt
Power supply: 230 v
Warranty: 24 months

Dimensions and weight

Dimensions: Length 460 / Width 460 / High 980 mm – 18″ X 18″ X 38,58″
Weight: 114 lb (52 kg) – 125 lb (57 kg) with gun and hose

*: anti-static and anti-abrasion hose, specially designed and proven for dry ice blasting

  • RESET function: engine thermal protection
  • Pressure regulator,
  • Dry Ice consumption regulator,
  • Micron filter,
  • Anti-Whip Collar,
  • Side panel on hinges,
  • Front swivel wheels with brake,
  • LED light gun, with 340° rotating fitting,
  • 3X Supersonic nozzles: “S”, “M”, and “L”,
  • 1X Flat nozzle
  • Anti-static/anti-abrasion blast hose 5 meters (16,40 ft),
  • Pneumatic coupler type “cat head”,
  • 304 stainless steel hopper: 8 kg + high frequency electric vibrator,
  • Operating Instructions,
  • Video training

    Recommended Options

  • Crusher nozzle
  • Flat nozzle BPL27
Brochure PDF

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