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Soft dry ice blaster ATX nano

ATX nano-E: low energy electro-pneumatic dry ice blaster

Are you looking for a small dry ice blaster, more economical, robust, and lightweight, capable of cleaning small and medium surfaces such as electrical cabinets, moulds (foundry and plastic industries), cars …?

The dry ice blaster ATX nano-E is the solution!

The ATX nano-E is an industrial dry ice blaster equipment that cleans, without risk of abrasion, surfaces with a reduced amount of compressed air.

It removes oil, grease, dirt, ink, mildew, rubber, organic and synthetic residues, paint, glue and many other contaminants.

This small blaster is compact, robust and its low compressed air consumption (500 and 3100 l/min | 18 – 109 cfm), and its dry ice consumption of 0 to 35 kg/h | 0 – 77 lb/h will allow you to clean the surfaces with a reduced air supply while realizing savings.


The ATX nano is a precision dry ice blasting machine, which efficiently removes oil, grease, dirt, ink, mold, rubber, organic and synthetic residues, paint, glue and very many other contaminants.

Ideal for small and medium-sized surfaces: plastic molds, statues, car engines …

Its low consumption of compressed air and its consumption of dry ice from 0 to 35 kg / h will allow you to clean surfaces, while making savings.

The ATX nano is suitable for:

– auto cleaning professionals,

– industrial maintenance services (preventive cleaning),

– the plastics and foundry sectors,

– the food industry (preventive process cleaning)

– etc …

Examples of the use of the ATX nano

  • Electrical cabinet cleaning,
  • Industrial preventive cleaning,
  • Car engine cleaning,
  • Cleaning of plastic molds & foundries,
  • Cleaning industrial kitchens (hoods, grills, motor, etc.)
  • etc, …

Not suitable for:

– corrective cleaning (strong & extreme soiling) See ATX25-E

– large surfaces cleaning (facade cleaning …) – See ATX25-E

Technical data

Working pressures: 2 to 12 bar,
Ice cream consumption: 0 to 35 kg / h,
Pressure regulator: in series,
Ice consumption regulator: standard
Hopper capacity: 8 kg,
Anti-static blasting hose *: 5 m, 3/4 inch,
Frame / tank: 304 stainless steel,
Motor: electric (alternating / asynchronous)
Electric power: 165 watt
Power supply: 230 v
Warranty: 24 months

Dimensions and weights

Dimensions: Long 460 / width 460 / Height 980 mm
Weight: 52 kg (57 kg with gun and hose)

*: anti-static and anti-abrasion hose, specially designed and proven for dry ice blasting

  • RESET function: motor thermal protection
  • Pressure regulator,
  • Ice consumption regulator,
  • Micron filter,
  • Anti-whiplash collar,
  • Side panel on hinges,
  • Front swivel wheels with brake,
  • LED Gun with 360 ° rotating connection,
  • 3X Supersonic nozzles: “S”, “M”, and “L”,
  • Anti-static / anti-abrasion shooting hose 5 meters,
  • MODY type pneumatic coupler,
  • 304 stainless steel tank: 8 kg +
  • High frequency electric vibrator,
  • Anti-whiplash collar,
  • Manual,
  • Video training

Recommended options

Fragmentation nozzle
Flat nozzle BPL38
Flat nozzle BPL27

We will be happy to post you a brochure and pricing schedule for your information



The ATX Nano is an industrial cleaning equipment that cleans surfaces without risk of abrasion, with a reduced amount of compressed air: between 500 and 3100 l / min.

This precision dry ice blasting machine effectively removes oil, grease, dirt, ink, mold, rubber, organic and synthetic residue, paint, glue, etc.

Its low consumption of compressed air and its consumption of dry ice from 0 to 35 kg / h will allow you to clean surfaces while making savings.

Maintenance: none

Dry ice blaster atx nano perfect for maintenance


  • Gravity aluminum foundry molds
  • Aluminum injection molds
  • Rubber and plastics molds
  • Electronics industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mold cleaning
  • Post-fire cleaning
  • Automotive cleaning (engine and chassis)
  • Cleaning of electrical cabinets and power and power generation equipment, including transformers, substations, wind turbines and de-energized generators
  • Etc …
ATX nano dry ice cleaning on metallization process

Dry ice blasting service on metallization process with ATX Nano …



3 Nozzles : “S”, “M”, “L”

Blast hose : 5 meters (anti-static/anti-abrasion)


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