Blasters Electro-pneumatic

ATX Nano V2 : Unmatched Performance + Unrivaled Innovation

The ATX Nano is an industrial dry ice blaster, for preventive and recurring operations: cleaning Moulds Plastics, foundry, auto cleaning, electric cabinet cleaning…

+ : Low consumption of ice and compressed air. Adjustable firing pressure and ice consumption, dry ice tank 8 kg…

ATX25-E : Dry ice blaster all works

The ATX25-E has been designed to clean all types of surfaces with low to very large fouling.
Ideal for reclamation work or for preventive and recurring operations.

+ : Low consumption of dry ice, versatile: all works…

ATX30-E : Versatile, High capacity blaster

The ATX30-E is a cryogenic cleaner capable of performing all cryogenic cleaning work: low to very strong fouling.
With a dry ice tank with a capacity of 30 kgs, the ATX30-E offers a greater autonomy before recharging.

+ : high ice capacity. All types of work…

Blasters 100% pneumatic

ATX25 : dry ice blaster medium and large jobs

Discover the ATX25  a dry ice blaster, a power concentrate, 100% pneumatic : Ideal for industries and service providers in need of a versatile, powerful and easy to implement cleaner…

ATX30 : Special Industries

Its design all stainless steel, its dimensions specially studied for reistreints accesses, its power, its VAT with a capacity of 30 kgs… In short, the ATX30 is the single-tube stripper special industries and service providers requiring a tank of a difficult access Capacitéavec.

ATX80 : All works, all terrain

Its stainless steel design, its high-tech tank insulation, its all-terrain wheels, its 100% pneumatic energy supply…

ATX80: cryogenic scraper, 100% pneumatic, all work


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