Dry ice cleaning of an anti-static ionizing bar

Discover in this video the dry ice cleaning of an ionizing bar with the Cryoblaster® system. The process is fast and respectful of the treated surfaces. This video is taken from the section: Dry ice blasting applications video gallery


Anti-static ionizing bar: cold cleaning

  • Sector : Food packaging film manufacturing
  • Treatment object : PVC residues on ionizing bar
  • Equipment used : ATX25

An ionizing or antistatic bar is more effective after a cryogenic shot for the production of proper materials…

The cleaning of an anti-static ionizing bar used in the manufacture of plastic film is fast and very efficient thanks to the use of the Cryoblaster ATX25.

Dry ice blasting instantly rids soil while respecting ionizing tips and removes hard non-metallic brushes and isopropyl alcohol.

In addition, since Cryoblaster® dry ice blasting is a dry process, drying times are eliminated.

The ionizing bar can be cleaned in-situ (on-site).

Did you know?

Anti-static bars consist of a series of ionizing emitting points powered by a voltage supply unit.

Anti-static bars generate an electric field that causes the air molecules to decompose near the bar in positive ions and negative (bipolar ionization generators).

Static bars, also known as static electricity removers, are a very profitable way to eliminate static electricity on a tape of material in plastic, paper, glass, textile, and film processing applications.

The attraction of dust, the risks of explosion or fire, and electrostatic discharge on the employees are eliminated.



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