Why use dry ice blasting for cleaning machine tools ?

Discover all the advantages for the cleaning of your industrial processes …

Dry ice blasting – Cleaning an industrial drill

Dry ice blasting is a dry process : it’s impossible to create short circuits on electrical parts : motors, sensors, electrical cabinets..

The cleaning agent used, is dry ice, which is actually solid CO2.

Dry ice has a hardness comparable to that chalk, it’s impossible to weaken the pneumatic or electric cables.

Dry ice is very different from abrasives used in sandblasting, you can’t damage conveyors or mechanisms: gears … Because dry ice goes from the solid state to the gas state as soon as it comes into contact with the surface (projected at supersonic speed)

With dry ice blasting, you clean your processes, as well as your industrial drills, 4 to 8 times faster than traditional methods.

You can easily remove, grease and graphite residues or other pollutions, accumulated during many years (4 years) on this industrial drill.

This video presents the different stages of dry ice cleaning: cleaning greasy surfaces, cleaning the pneumatic wiring, and the cleaning of the electric motor.

The dry ice blaster used for this operation, it’s the ATX25, blaster fully pneumatic. and a compressed air supply of 87 psi (6 bar).

For cleaning delicate parts such as pneumatic wiring or electrical components, the operator used a supersonic nozzle with a crusher in order to reduce the size of the pellets, for a softer and more homogeneous cleaning.

Equipment used

Cryoblaster® ATX25




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