Dry ice blasting machine : introducing the range of Cryoblaster®… answers to your questions !


Knowing the specifics of our series dry ice blasting machine is understanding and justifying the value of a choice.

Dry ice blasting machines : ATXnano and ATX80

Dry ice blasting machines : ATXnano and ATX80

Dry ice blasting machine designed by Cryoblaster® consists of a box box on which there is a control panel and pressure indicators for easy adjustments.

Also, there is a distribution bin that holds dry ice pellets.

Finally, a hose kit is connected to the housing and finished with a spray gun on which different nozzles can be adapted.

Cryoblaster® offers a selection of high-performance cleaners and accessories that ensure a good cleaning result : compromise between your cleaning needs and advantageous consumption of air and dry ice.

Our standard range, 100% pneumatic or electro-pneumatic, includes dry ice blasting equipment single-hose and non-abrasive : their power is higher than that of dual-hose cleaners.

Their economic quality ice is appreciable.

Nevertheless, we offer a selection of dual-hose cleaners.

Single-hose cleaners use one hose for dry ice blasting.
Thus, the mixture of air and dry ice takes place and is accelerated at the level of the box.

While dual-hose cleaners use two hoses. In the latter case, a hose carries the ice flow and a second one transports the air under pressure and the mixture of dry ice and pressurized air is carried out at level of the blast gun.


Dry ice blasting machine with low consumption for an efficient jet


Compressed air is the energy carrier by which the cleaning agent acts effectively on a surface.
Its proper use depends on your dry ice cleaning machine. In this case, your compressor, your dry ice blaster and its accessories.

For medium works indoor work…


Our single-hose dry ice blasting machine is compact, lightweight and highly efficient. For reduced air consumptionfind our series of lightweight cleaners suitable for medium duty, focused applications and indoor use.

No need for a big compressor.

However, the compressor must be able to provide a flow rate of at least 106 cfm (comfortable at about 176 cfm or 5 m3/min) for a cleaning power of 45 to 174 psi (3 to 12 bar).

If these cleaners use more dry ice, the consumption of our cleaners only reaches 77 lb/h (35 kg/h).

For medium to heavier applications…


We have larger, powerful and versatile cleaners !

They are ideal for outdoor cleaning and are suitable for food, petrochemical and foundry sectors. More economical in dry ice consumption, they also make it possible to a greater autonomy before recharging.

If they deliver faster cleaning, the air consumption of these cleaners is also reasonable compared to that of an appliance of dual-hose dry ice blasting. And it can be further reduced by 30% on our electro-pneumatic models. Their cleaning power is from 45 to 217 psi (3 to 15 bar).

Therefore, more powerful compressors are needed. However, air consumption can be regulated via the control panel, or optimized via the nozzles.

And for more demanding work…


Our solution is then a cleaner that combines the advantages of a dry ice blaster and a sand blaster. This is possible thanks to the addiction of a module containing an abrasive which then mixes with dry ice to form the cleaning agent.

Approximately 10 to 20% abrasive composes the dry ice flow to ensure a cleaning that requires more aggressiveness.

Our abrasive kit is adaptable to all our dry ice cleaners.

Abrasive tank for dry ice blasting machines Cryoblaster

Accessories for all cleaning applications


The diameter and the design of the nozzle influence the spray force and cleaning efficiency.

Our range of accessories includes different types of nozzles for specific applications : round, flat, curved, crusher nozzles…

By default, round jet venturi are used in our dry ice blasters. They adapt to different pressures with diameters ranging from 3 to 16 mm.

For more controlled applications, chosse flat or crusher nozzles. A fragmentation nozzle reduces dry ice pellets to micro particles. It allows you to control the impact power of the jet from dry ice for maximum efficiency.

Finally, for comfortable and safe applications, our machines are equipped with a 16.4 ft (5 m) blast hose, which can be extended as an option.

The connection of the compressed air hose is secured by whiplash protection clamp. It prevents the risk of hose tearing due to uncontrolled pressure variation.

What are the prices of Cryoblaster® brand dry ice blasting machines ?


It is perfectly natural to want to know the prices of a dry ice blasting machine, before going any further in your project.

In addition to the Cryoblaster® dry ice blasting cleaner price list, discover the dry ice prices, and accessories such as compressed air hoses or cold-proof gloves…

More informations about the dry ice blasters ?


In the article dry ice cleaners, you can discover all the benefits of Cryoblaster® brand dry ice blasting machines for your activity, industrial or supplier of cleaning services.

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