Are you looking for training in the field of
dry ice cleaning,

expert and certifying like any

industrial cleaning training
and you don’t know which offer to choose?

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We offer you perfectly targeted training*
to your needs, our customer testimonials will confirm it.

*: Cryoblaster is evolving and now offers a new formula for its dry ice cleaning training. In fact, we have decided to offer the Level 1 and level 2 of our training with the delivery of the equipment ordered to our premises. This offer is only available to service providers who want to get into the dry ice cleaning business.

Do you want to take the time to think before investing? Level 1 and level 2, for a duration of 2 days, are priced at €980. excl. VAT/person. In the event of the purchase of ATX series equipment, within 12 months of your purchase of new equipment from Delta Diffusion, we will Let’s deduct the price of the training (980 € excl. tax maximum) from the price of your blaster.

Next Session in Saint Quentin Fallavier (38070)

>> 08 and 09 October 2024 <<


“The detailed training I took (Cryoblaster® dry ice cleaning training: editor’s note)… Not only was everything touched and covered… but then continued on a daily basis on a case-by-case basis sometimes.

The progress of my company has benefited greatly in all respects… His progress and success continue to be made daily.”

C. Michel, 61 years old, Canada, Business Manager

The Cryoblaster® dry ice blasting training has allowed me to acquire new skills. Theory and practice are skilfully reconciled for a better assimilation.

Today, I have a lot more confidence in myself and I perform successfully.”

K. Atchon, 30 years old, France, Business manager

The training courses offered by Delta Diffusion (owner of Cryoblaster®: editor’s note), which are very professional and very targeted, as well as the quality of its teaching, have been unanimously appreciated by our employees…”

H. Eric, 57 years old, France, Business Manager

But beyond the testimonies, why choose us?


We have always been passionate about this business, we give an essential place to our customers, they are the reason for Delta Diffusion’s living (Cryoblaster® is a Delta Diffusion brand). Our 24-hour service by email and phone shows our desire to always be as close as possible to you. With us, you are not just a customer, you are part of the company. This is why in our training courses we attach real dedication to your learning by explaining the theoretical and practical side but also by offering you a real follow-up afterwards. Questions, hesitations? Our experts are here to answer your questions.

But what are the advantages of having a training course with us?


Dry ice

blasting or cleaning training programs are available for service providers, employees, sales representatives, etc.

  • A complete discovery of the advantages of our products
  • Short and effective training courses
  • Technical and theoretical learning of the tools
  • Regular monitoring of your work
  • Expert insight
  • A real advantage for your personal and professional experience
  • Service savings
  • Know-how
  • A real practice
  • A point of honor on safety, the protection of man and the object

These training courses are the guarantee of your success. The use of dry ice blasting must really be preceded by a complete training to avoid the risk of accidents, uncomfortable situations or misjudging the surface to be stripped.

Each of our training courses includes Theory and Practice!


We are busy giving you the best of our services by highlighting 9 essential points to these trainings.

  1. Introduction to dry ice blasting.
  2. Overview of the cryogenic firing machine: suitable use (air supply, type of ice depending on model)
  3. Compressed air requirements and availability: pressure, air volume
  4. Safety: PPE
  5. Dry ice: where to buy, how to transport and store it…
  6. Compressed air: quality optimization (dehumidification, refrigeration, etc.), prevention of pressure drop
  7. Appropriate nozzle selection for the application
  8. Practical training in cryogenic firing
  9. Stop work: clean and store equipment

Our strength, digital tracking!

Our Cryoblaster® dry ice blasting training courses included…

Training at our premises or at the customer’s site

– Training of personnel on the operation of dry ice blasting equipment, safety, cleaning techniques and applications.

Training videos

– Provides detailed instructions for the installation and operation of the dry ice cleaner, tips and simple step-by-step maintenance procedures.

A training booklet

– In addition to video training, fill in the blanks and take notes while you watch the videos

Annual access to the online training platform

– The customer accesses the training videos and its updates on the online platform for one year using the login credentials

“So what are you waiting for?”

Level 1

Detailed training

Level 1

Free with any purchase of new ATX series hardware
Aimed at service providers wishing to
Jump into the dry ice cleaning business!

The discovery training “From theory to practice”

4 Modules in 1 training

1 1/2 day training

Modules created and adapted to your needs (based on internal tests and our customer experiences)

Place: Saint Quentin Fallavier (38070)


Module 1. Introduction to Cryogenic Firing Equipment and Its Use (Theory)

  1. Physical Principles of Dry Ice Blasting
  2. Introduction to the User Manual
  3. Purpose and use and configuration of each component, including the gun, nozzles, extensions, compressed air hoses, firing hoses, fittings, hopper, vibrator, motor and pellet feeding system (sticks or block depending on model).
  4. Machine and accessory capabilities, including firing and feed pressure and dry ice consumptions.
  5. Dry and clean air: use of compressed air handling systems



Module 2. Hazards and Safety Measures (Theory)

  1. Required and Recommended PPE for Dry Ice Blasting
  2. “Risk of crushing” and frostbite
  3. Correct use of the gun and other safety devices
  4. Static Discharge and Grounding
  5. Safe use of compressed air networks and compressors.
  6. Work in confined spaces and ATEX zones: advice
  7. Dry ice: where to get it, how to transport it, correct handling and storage of dry ice, storage tips to optimize its shelf life…

Module 3. Cryogenic Shooting Hands-On Training: Practice

  1. Pre-inspection of equipment and accessories
  2. Wearing PPE according to the nature of the work
  3. Setting up the site: preliminary cleaning of grease, oil, ink, metal residues, etc. Techniques used
  4. Setting up the equipment
  5. Use the appropriate nozzle for the application and available air volume
  6. Proper start-up and equipment verification prior to the introduction of dry ice.
  7. Introducing ice to the machine
  8. Cryogenic firing technique (grips, gestures)
  9. Dry ice powder function: when?
  10. Manual use of the equipment (
    trainees will use the machine and practice): cryogenic firing and cryogenic scrubbing
  11. Stopping work: cleaning and storing equipment.
  12. Equipment maintenance: Proper storage and maintenance for each component.

Module 4. Case Study (Theory)

  1. Cleaning de-energized electrical cabinets: step by step
  2. Machine tool degreasing: step by step
  3. OFFSET rotary cleaning: step by step
  4. Q.C.M
  5. Provision of login credentials to the online platform

Level 2

Detailed training schedule

Level 2: Level 1 and MODULE 5

Free with any purchase of new ATX series hardware
Aimed at service providers wishing to
Jump into the dry ice cleaning business!

The “From Theory to Practice” training (level 1) + Module 5

5 Modules in 1 training

2-day training

Modules created and adapted to your needs (based on internal tests and our customer experiences)

Place: Saint Quentin Fallavier (38070)


Module 5. Drawing up a quote (theory)

  1. Making an appointment
  2. Analysis of work configurations: working at height, in confined environments, ATEX environments, etc.
  3. Validate compressed air supply: pressure/volume/distance
  4. Sample and control tests
  5. Define firing pressure, dry ice quantity, and yield depending on the application
  6. Define nozzle type based on substrate/yield/thickness
  7. Quote on photos: have all the information
  8. Define the hourly cost (ice, diesel, travel, living expenses, etc.)
  9. Example of quote: degreasing, electrical cabinet, glue removal, etc.