CB02: new small portable cryogenic cleaning machine

Portable cryogenic cleaning machine gun CB02

Stainless steel spray gun of the CB02…

Many of you are asking us when the new small portable

cryogenic cleaning machine

CB02 will “finally” be released.

Before answering this question… rest assured, the exit is imminent… Let’s see together what the CB02 was created for and what it will bring you in your activity, whether your goal is to use it for personal, professional or industrial use.

CB02: a compact and “high tech” cryogenic blaster

The CB02 cryogenic cleaner is the latest addition to the Cryoblaster® range. Compact, lightweight, extremely robust, with multiple applications, it is suitable for jobs requiring precision and great cleaning power.

Equipped as standard with a “grinder system” (dry ice

grinding), the CB02 portable cryogenic cleaning machine

will reduce dry ice in the form of pellets, in microparticles by about 0.2 mm. Thanks to this, the number of impacts per square centimeter will be multiplied by a factor of approximately 100. The result: a more homogeneous, more economical and gentler cleaning!

Particularly suitable for automotive cleaning work (enginedegreasing, cleaning of vehicle interiors), the CB02 will also be able to clean electrical cabinets off, deburr plastic parts,serve in the cleaning of lawn mower robots

The CB02 portable cryogenic cleaning machine will carry in series, a 304 stainless steel projection gun (see photo) below, a round projection nozzle made of stainless steel or plastic,and a flat nozzle for more efficiency, a 2-meter anti-static firing beam with fast coupler.

Its dry ice consumption per hour, will start at 6 kg for a maximum of 14 kg / h.

Its operation will be based on an electro-pneumatic projection system, double tubes.

Release date : 02/2022