New MACH3 universal cryogenic cleaner

Discover the brand new MACH3 dry ice blasting machine, the universal dry ice blasting machine that allows you to work with all dry ice formats on the market!

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Universal | cryogenic cleaner Release date : 21/11/2022

MACH3: new universal cleaner

The new MACH3 dry ice blasting machine is the latest innovation in dry ice blasting equipment.

Equipped with an elegant stainless steel body, all-terrain wheels at the rear, to facilitate movement on difficult surfaces (gravel, pavers, dirt), a robust spray hose (anti-static and anti-abrasion) and a round nozzle high aggressiveness.

The new projection gun is as ergonomic as it is extremely practical. Thanks to itsbayonet tuning, the nozzle change takes less than 7 seconds ! In addition, its powerful lighting torch can illuminate hard-to-reach areas.

Technical data

The MACH3 cryogenic cleaner also comes standard with a clever dry ice reduction system. The unit can thus use
all dry ice formats
on the market: wafers, blocks, sticks, pellets… Even dry ice of more than 100 hours can be used. This increases your profitability.

The user-friendly controls of your MACH3 allow you to customize the cryogenic blasting parameters for specific jobs: ice flow adjustment (20 to 70 kg/h), working pressure adjustment (0 to 14 bar).

What applications for MACH3?

The MACH3 dry ice blasting machine is a versatile machine for intensive cleaning and lighter applications. This model is easy to use and uses 2 powerful asynchronous electric motors (industrial grade) for a total consumption of only 1000 w per hour.

The MACH3 also comes standard with a durable stainless steel frame and a trigger gun with safety.

Release date of the MACH3 blaster:

Arbonic ice cream for MACH3 dry ice blasting machine

The MACH3 blaster uses all dry ice formats on the market, for impeccable, fast and extremely effective cleaning!