How to clean aluminum rims in less than 30 seconds by cryogenics?

No more rubbing, damaging your knees, getting your hands dirty… Find out in this article and video how to clean aluminum rims by cryogenics in less than 30 seconds. Tutorial video.

This article and video are taken from the topic: Applications of Dry Ice Cleaning

Cleaning operation by cryogenics on aluminum rims, carried out with ATX25-E, fragmentation nozzle (optional) and BPL380 nozzle (delivered as standard)…

Cleaning rims by cryogenics: the method!

You are a professional,and you want to clean the aluminum rims of your customers… even when the dirt is particularly stubborn?

There are currently many products such as degreasers, sprays, rim cleaners,ammonia … in short products
professional to grandma’s tricks, which you must let act at first, then rub to disincrust the dust of platelets,
soiling, always with the same objective: to clean without scratching or damaging surfaces, using soft cloths or microfibres, always with caution.

    Traditional time-consuming cleaning methods versus cryogenics

    However, in addition to being time-consuming and exhausting, current cleaning techniques for aluminum rims can be corrosive to surfaces
    Treated. The ideal would therefore be a technique of quick cleaning, effortless and respectful of the treated supports.

    Well, this technique is the projection of dry ice using Cryoblaster® material.

    As you can see in this video (above), cryogenic cleaning is very fast, effortless, respectful of the support and icing on the cake: dry!

    Cryogenic cleaning: how does it work?

    Dry ice peels off dirt, thanks to the phenomenon of sublimation.

    After connecting your ATX nano or ATX25-E cryogenic cleaning unit to the mains and compressed air source, place a fragmentation nozzle and a flat nozzle at the end of the gun.

    Insert inside the hopper, a shovel of dry ice: count about 1.2 kg of ice for 4 rims, then set your blaster to the “SOFT” mode.

    You’re ready to clean up! The projection of dry ice at supersonic speed cleans quickly and efficiently.

    No need to let it act, the action is immediate: no microfiber cloth, no need for brush or toothbrush, cleaning products, detergents or acetone, no need for rinsing, or wiping, no more circular movements!

    You can also use your Cryoblaster® for cleaning…:

    – interiors (dashboard, car seats, carpets) as well as to eliminate bad smells,

    – cleaning the engine or chassis,

    – remove the tar from the bodywork,

    – acts as a renovator on the bumpers…

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