Electric dry ice blaster ATX25-E

The ATX25-E dry ice blaster is an electro-pneumatic, low consumption, overpowering model :

  • Powerful and versatile:  adapted to the means and large works (preventive and corrective actions)
  • Capable of working with a limited supply of compressed air (from 800 L/min)-equipped in series of quality components from world famous brands : Festo ®, Siemens ®, Roto Motive ®…
  • Tank chassis and air connection in stainless steel :  304
  • Anti-abrasion and anti-static firing pipe

The ATX25-E allows to work in pressures of 3 to 15 bar with a compressed air consumption from 0.8 m3/min only.

Moreover, thanks to its “RESET” system, the engine and the dry ice supply tray are preserved from breakage and overheating if foreign bodies are present inside the tank: immediate safety!

Also available in 100% pneumatic version, click here: dry ice blaster ATX25

Technical data

Working pressures :  43 to 218 psi (3 to 15 bar) 
Ice consumption :
 0 to 165 lb/h (0 to 75 kg/h)
Pressure regulator
: included
Dry ice consumption regulator :
Tank Capacity : 
33 lb (15 kg)
Anti-static blasting hose * :  
16 ft (5 m)
Electric motor : 
Reciprocating, asynchronous
Chassis/tank : 
Stainless steel 304
Electric Power : 
750 watt
Power supply : 
230 V

Included : Gun, blast hose 5 meters, nozzle B. 105, anti-lash collar, operating instructions, emergency stop button, pressure regulator, ice consumption regulator

*: Anti-static and anti-abrasion hose, specially designed and tested for cryogenic cleaning

Examples of applications

Cleaning of food processing and production equipment-cleaning assembly lines, including welding robots and other equipment-production equipment – automotive parts – moulds aluminium smelter by gravity – paint booths – Ventilation systems -moulds aluminium smelter by injection – meat processing plants – moulds rubber and plastics – rubber polymerization equipment – rotary OFFSET Cleaning-bottling industry –  Electronics – Pharmaceutical industry – packaging equipment-mould cleaning-post fire cleaning-historical restoration: monument-hard wood stripping-automotive cleaning (engine and chassis) – Graffiti removal – cleaning Asphalt and concrete on TP machines – cleaning barrels of wine-cleaning of electrical cabinets and power and power generation equipment, including transformers, substations, wind turbines and off-voltage generators – Stripping anti-treading paint on boat hulls, etc…

Dimensions & Weights

Dimensions : Long 480/Width 530/High 1000 mm
Weight : 85 kg (93 kg with pistol and hose)




Reduced ice and air consumption

Like the entire Cryoblaster range, ATX25-E is a very economical dry ice blaster in dry ice consumption: 150 to 250 kg of dry ice for 7 hours of continuous work.
Moreover, thanks to its power supply, the ATX25-E consumes an average of 30% less compressed air for the same type of work compared to a pneumatic system:
The ATX25-E consumes 0.8 to 6 m3/min of compressed air at a pressure of 6 bar.


Check the state of the Submicronic filter once a year.





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