Cryogenic cleaning on lighting

Among the many applications of cryogenic cleaning,the cleaning of light beacons on tracks by spraying dry ice, is most certainly the fastest technique and the most respectful of the treated surfaces.

Cryogenic cleaning test on runway light beacons

  • Sector : Airport runway
  • Purpose of treatment : rubber on track lighting
  • Material used :

Only specialized lighting in very good condition can allow pilots to easily find the runway at night and help it in its approach to a safe landing.

This is why it is essential that the lighting of the slopes is kept in an excellent state of cleanliness. Thus, the dry ice cleaning offered by Cryoblaster proves to be an effective and ecological solution to ensure the cleanliness and optimal performance of lighting installations, thus guaranteeing the safety of night flights.

The dry ice blasting process using light beacons

Dry ice blasting makes it possible to remove rubber residues from runway light beacons (airport) efficiently and very quickly.

The process is dry,very fast and allows to restore the marking without solvents and without risk of damaging or scratching the optics.

Other applications in the Aeronautics sector

Dry ice cleaning of manufacturing processes to remove the following pollution:

  • epoxy,

    Teflon tape,

  • silicones,


  • graphite,

    phenolic resin,

  • etc
Cleaning of runway lighting lights by cryogenics

The ATX25-P restores runway markers in the blink of an eye…

Good to know : Ground lighting systems for airstrips are known by different names, and some of them can be cryogenically cleaned (in blue).

  • Runway Lighting System : This is the set of lights that delimit the runway and guide aircraft during take-off and landing.
  • Approach Lighting System: This is a lighting system that provides visual information to help pilots align the aircraft with the runway when approaching for landing.
  • Runway Threshold Lighting System: This is the lighting that indicates the beginning of the runway that can be used for landing.
  • Runway Edge Lighting: This is the lighting that delineates the edges of the runway.

  • Runway Centerline Lighting
    : This is the lighting that marks the center of the track.
  • Touchdown Zone Lighting: This is the lighting that indicates the touchdown zone on the runway.
  • Axial lighting
  • Taxiway markings

These lighting systems are essential for the safety of flight operations, especially in low visibility or night conditions.

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