Dry ice cleaning bakery swing cups

Another video from the dry ice cleaning section in the food industry. In this article and video, we can see how effectively the ATX nano allows cryogenic cleaning to be refurbished on the buckets of a swing in an industrial bakery.

Cryogenic cleaning operation on buckets of a swing in an industrial bakery

Cryogenic cleaning of the felt of the cups of a swing

  • Sector : industrial bakery
  • Purpose of treatment : oxidized flour residues on bags
  • Hardware used :

    ATX Nano

After dividing the dough into dough pieces, the swing allows a rest (relaxation) before shaping.

Over time, the cups or bags are covered with a crust of flour and oxidized yeast (black dots on the video).

In order to clean effectively without damaging the felt, the dry ice blasting cryogenic shot allows for a quick and efficient restoration!

How does cryonics work?

The blasting of dry ice or solid CO₂ pellets is carried out using compressed air (in this case the customer’s network) and an ATX nano precision shooting machine.

3 phenomena follow one another:

1- Kinetic energy causes a weakening of the contaminant: dry ice pellets are loaded with energy due to their mass and the speed of projection.

2- The thermal differential between the pollutant and the support of the bag, allows a retraction of the dirt.

3- The sublimation or passage of dry ice from the solid state to the gaseous state in a ratio of 1 to 700, allows an immediate release of the substrate covered with pollution.

Due to its hardness, comparable to that of chalk, dry ice is not abrasive. In addition, the process allows for dry cleaning, without chemicals, solvents or detergents.

At the end of the work, only a suction of the flour is necessary.

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