ATX nano-E dry ice blasting equipment

Discover the ATX25-E v2 Dry Ice Cleaner: Your Essential Ally for Flawless Cleaning!

ATX nano-E dry ice blasting equipment

In a world where cleanliness and efficiency are paramount, the ATX25-E V2 Dry Ice Cleaner stands out as your trusted partner. Designed to meet the highest demands, this revolutionary machine promises unmatched performance and rock-solid durability!

🚀 Power and Precision : Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, the ATX25-E V2 offers exceptional cleaning power , allowing the most stubborn dirt to be removed with surgical precision.

💎 Ecological and Economical : Do something for the planet while saving money! This dry ice cleaner uses eco-friendly materials, reducing environmental impact and operating costs.

🔧 Ease of Use : With its ergonomic design and intuitive features, the ATX25-E V2 is designed for simple and comfortable use, making cleaning quick and effortless.

Don’t wait any longer, choose excellence with the ATX25-E V2 dry ice cleaner!

Discover unique attributes

Dry ice cleaning service on a Hot-Melt tablet

Dry ice cleaning service on pellets: hotmelt glue manufacturing…

ATX25-E V2 dry ice blasting on foru in the food industry

Dry ice cleaning operation on an agri-food oven…

ATX25-E V2 for Teflon-coated industrial floor stripping

Cryogenic stripping on industrial soil, coated with Teflon…


Some of the ATX25-E V2’s flagship applications include:

  • 1. Industrial Cleaning

    has. Cleaning of Machinery and Equipment

    • Details : Fast and effective removal of greases, oils, resins and other contaminants from industrial machinery and equipment without damaging surfaces.

    b. Paint Stripping

    • Details : Precise and controlled removal of paint and surface coatings, facilitating maintenance and restoration of equipment.

    2. Restoration and Renovation

    has. Restoration of Monuments

    • Details : Gentle and thorough cleaning of historic monuments and structures without damaging the original materials.

    b. Building Renovation

    • Details : Effectively removes dirt, mold and other contaminants from building surfaces, helping to restore the original appearance.

    3. Aeronautical Maintenance

    has. Aircraft Engine Cleaning

    • Details : Deep cleaning of aircraft engine components, removing carbon deposits and other contaminants without causing structural damage.

    b. Maintenance of External Surfaces

    • Details : Effective cleaning of aircraft external surfaces, removing contaminants without damaging paint or surface materials.

    4. Automotive

    has. Engine Parts Cleaning

    • Details : Precise cleaning of engine parts, removing oils, greases and deposits without damaging the components.

    b. Restoration of Vintage Vehicles

    • Details : Detailed restoration of vintage vehicles, removing rust, peeling paint and other contaminants without damaging the original surfaces.

    5. Food sector

    has. Cleaning of Production Equipment

    • Details : Hygienic cleaning of food production equipment, removing food residues and microbial contaminants without the use of chemicals.

    b. Maintenance of Refrigeration Installations

    • Details : Effective cleaning of refrigeration facilities, removing mold, bacteria, and other contaminants without damaging cooling systems.

    6. Graffiti Removal

    • Details : Fast and effective removal of graffiti from various surfaces, without leaving residue or damaging the underlying surface.

    7. Marine Cleaning

    has. Ship Hull Maintenance

    • Details : Effective cleaning of ship hulls, removing algae, barnacles and other marine contaminants without damaging the hull.

    b. Marine Machinery Cleaning

    • Details : Deep cleaning of marine machinery, removing salt deposits and other contaminants without causing corrosion.
  • And, well, even more! Contact us to discover all the possible applications of the ATX25-E V2!


Thanks to its electro-pneumatic operation, the ATX25-E V2 saves up to 25% on the compressed air station compared to a 100% pneumatic blaster.

All stainless steel, assembled with the best components on the market (Festo, Siemens, IVG Hose…), the ATX25-E V2 is built to last.

The ATX25-E V2 is the ideal ally for industrial maintenance departments and service providers!

Maintenance: None


LED light gun, 320° bayonet connection

3 nozzles: B101, BPL38, B105

Anti-whiplash necklace


Blast hose 7 meters



The ATX25-E V2 is an industrial electro-pneumatic dry ice cleaner, suitable for so-called “intensive” cleaning work.

The ATX25-E V2 is suitable for industrial work as well as service providers for refurbishment or so-called “corrective cleaning”, on small, medium and

In addition, thanks to its standard pressure regulator, you can choose to work on fragile and delicate surfaces: electrical cabinets, automotive fabrics, etc.

This cleaner is capable of removing high thicknesses of dirt: burnt grease, varnish, carbon, organic and synthetic residues, paint, glue, silicon carbide, oil, ink, mold, anti-fooling paint

Its electro-pneumatic operation reduces its consumption of compressed air and increases its power by about 25-30%, compared to a single-tube blaster 100% pneumatic.

The ATX25-E V2 is suitable for:

– car cleaning professional services
– Industrial maintenance services ( preventive & curative cleaning)
– the plastics and foundry sectors,
– Food industry ( preventive and curative cleaning of processes)
– service providers,
– Monument restorers
– the nuclear sector,
– Naval air
– …

Examples of ATX25-E use

  • Cleaning electrical cabinet,
  • Preventive cleaning and industrial fix,
  • Cleaning car engines,
  • Cleaning plastic moulds and foundries,
  • Cleaning hydraulic group,
  • Cleaning industry manufacturing anode carbon,
  • Cleaning furnace metallization,
  • Cleaning and stripping bitumen,
  • Empty oven cleaning,
  • Cleaning printing,
  • Cleaning cardboard,
  • Conveyor chain cleaning: agri-food, metallurgy, etc.
  • Degreasing the surfaces,
  • Etc.

Technical data

  • Working pressures : 3 to 15 bar
  • Ice consumption : 0 to 75 kg/h
  • Pressure regulator : standard
  • Ice consumption regulator : standard
  • Tank capacity : 25 kg
  • Anti-static firing hose* : 7 m, 3/4″
  • Motor: electric (alternating/asynchronous)
  • Chassis/bowl : 304 stainless steel
  • Electrical power : 750 watt
  • Power supply : 230 volts
  • Warranty: 24 months

Dimensions and weights

  • Dimensions: Long 800 / larg 580 / Top 1000 mm
  • Weight: 98 kg (106 kg with pistol and hose)

Anti-static and anti-abrasion hose, specially designed and proven for dry ice cleaning


  • Horometer,
  • RESET function: engine thermal protection
  • Pressure regulator,
  • Ice conso regulator,
  • Micronic filter,
  • Anti-whiplash necklace,
  • Removable side panel with 1/4 turn key,
  • Stainless steel handles: front/rear rocker panels
  • Front swivel wheels with brake,
  • Inflatable rear wheels,
  • LED gun with 360° rotary coupling,
  • 3X Nozzles: B101, B105, Flat BuseS BPL38
  • Anti-static/anti-abrasion firing hose 7 meters,
  • Inflatable torquer type “cat head” fitting,
  • 304 stainless steel tank: 25 kg – high-frequency electric vibrator,
  • Instruction manual,
  • Video training

Recommended options

  • Fragmentation nozzle
  • Flat buse BPL27

Brochure PDF

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Brochure ATX25-E V2



Designed to excel, our equipment is perfectly compatible with the compressed air systems found in the majority of factories in France.

These standard installations offer a pressure of 6 bar and a minimum flow rate of 2.8 m³/min, ensuring optimal performance of our equipment.

For even better results, higher pressures and flow rates can significantly increase the efficiency of the ATX25-E V2.


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