ATX25: 100% pneumatic dry ice cleaner

ATX25-P: 100% pneumatic cleaning equipment

The ATX25-P is a 100% pneumatic dry ice cleaner that is extremely aggressive on the most stubborn pollution, thanks to its optimized compressed air supply in 1 inch.

Equipped as standard with a pressure regulator, this device is also capable of gently cleaning delicate surfaces : electrical cabinets, sensors, electronic boards, etc.

Robust and light (only 67 kg), the ATX25-P is equipped as standard with an anti-static firing hose like the entire Cryoblaster® range.

It is easy to maintain, just add pneumatic oil every 20 hours of use. The pneumatic components are protected from corrosion thanks to a micron filter and its engine anti-seize system, thanks to the derivative circuit.

ATX25-P : also available in electro-pneumatic version, click here



The ATX25-P is a 100% pneumatic dry ice blasting equipment; So, no need for an electrical connection.

Lightweight and compact, the ATX25-P is suitable for industrial cleaning work for preventive and curative cleaning treatments, on small, medium and large surfaces.

Thanks to its standard pressure controller, you can choose to work on fragile and delicate surfaces:electrical cabinets, automotive fabrics…

This cleaner is able to remove high thicknesses of dirt: burnt fats, varnish, carbon,organic and synthetic residues, paint, glue, silicon carbide, oil, ink, mold, anti-fooling paint…

Its pneumaticoperation requires a compressed air intake ofat least 6 m3/min, at 6 bars for reclamation work.

The ATX25-P is suitable for:

Industrial maintenance services (preventive and curative cleaning)
The foundry sector,
Agri-food (preventive cleaning and curative processes)
Service providers,
Monuments restorers
To the nuclear sector,
The naval air force
– …

Examples of ATX25-P use

  • Cleaning electrical cabinet,
  • Preventive cleaning and industrial fix,
  • Cleaning car engines,
  • Cleaning plastic moulds and foundries,
  • Cleaning hydraulic group,
  • Cleaning industry manufacturing anode carbon,
  • Cleaning furnace metallization,
  • Cleaning and stripping bitumen
  • Empty oven cleaning
  • Cleaning chains conveyor: agri-food, metallurgy…
  • Degreasing the surfaces,
  • Etc…

Technical data
  • Work pressures:3 to 15 bar
  • Ice consumption:0 to 65 kg/h
  • Pressure regulator:serial
  • Regulator Ice Rate:in series
  • Tank capacity:15 kg
  • Anti-static firing hose:5 m, 3/4″,
  • Frame/tank: stainless steel 304,
  • Engine: 100% pneumatic
  • Electrical power:
  • Power supply: –
  • Warranty: 24 months

Dimensions and weights

  • Dimensions: Long 410 / larg 400 / Top 1100 mm
  • Weight: 67 kg (75 kg with pistol and hose)

Anti-static and anti-abrasion hose, specially designed and proven for dry ice cleaning

  • Pressure regulator,
  • Ice conso regulator,
  • Micronic filter,
  • Anti-whiplash necklace,
  • Side panel on hinges,
  • Stainless handles: front body stockings
  • Front swivel wheels with brake,
  • Pistol with 360-degree rotary connection,
  • 1X Nozzle: B105
  • Anti-static/anti-abrasion blasting hose, 5 meters,
  • Compressed air connector type “cat head” fitting
  • 304 stainless steel tank: 15 kg – pneumatic vibrator,
  • Instruction manual,
  • Video training

Recommended options

  • Fragmentation nozzle
  • Flat buse BPL27


Bitumen Oven Door Stripping | Metal Processing | 0:53


Thanks to its 100% pneumatic operation, the ATX25-P is 20% lighter than electro-pneumatic equipment thanks to the high-quality European components (Festo).

The choice of its equipment, its stainlesssteel chassis, offers it great robustness and many years of service.

Low consumption of dry ice.

Maintenance : Refill the pneumatic oil tank (approx. 200 ml) every 20 hours of use.

Pneumatic Dry Ice Blasting Equipment


  • Ideal for ATEX zone interventions
  • Cleaning processing and food production equipment:
  • Cleaning assembly lines,including welding robots and other equipment
  • Production equipment – Automotive parts
  • Gravity aluminium smelter moulds
  • Paint booths
  • Ventilation systems
  • Aluminium smelter moulds by injection
  • Meat processing plants
  • Rubber and plastics moulds
  • Rubber polymerization equipment
  • OFFSET rotary cleaning
  • Bottling industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Pharmaceuticalindustry
  • Packaging equipment
  • Mold cleaning
  • Post-fire cleaning
  • Historic restoration:monument – stripping hardwood
  • Car cleaning (engine and chassis)
  • Graffiti removal – Cleaning asphalt and concrete on TP gear
  • Cleaning wine barrels
  • Cleaning electrical cabinets and power and power generation equipment, including transformers, substations, wind turbines and generators off
  • Stripping anti-fouling paint on boat hulls
  • Etc…

Dry ice cleaning operation with 100% pneumatic ATX25

Cryogenic cleaning degreasing operation with ATX25…


Gun on 360-degree rotary connection

Buse B105 – Alu – 12.5 mm

Anti-whiplash necklace

Shooting hose 5 meters


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