The advantages of cryogenic cleaning on a sinister fire

Cryogenic cleaning operation on EDF premises

Cryogenic cleaning: soot in EDF room…

Following a fire, the problems continue, even after the flames are extinguished. Indeed, after assessing the damage, you are faced with the heavy task of putting everything in order. Your priority: quickly return to the original state of your home or premises. Cryogenic cleaning

is then the ideal solution. Discover in this article, the
advantages of cryogenic cleaning on a fire disaster

Cryogenic cleaning: an innovative and fast stripping process

Cryogenic cleaning

consists of projecting a mixture of compressed air and dry ice

at low pressure onto the surfaces to be sanitized.

Since the process does not use chemical detergents or solvents, it allows different types of residues to be treated without producing secondary waste. Moreover, it is a method at the same time, non-abrasive and ecological, increasingly appreciated.

Cryogenic cleaning

quickly and efficiently removes all traces of dirt after a fire: soot, charring, smoke and odors.

Unlike traditional cleaning methods, treatment with

dry ice

can reduce the duration of the work by half. This is also the reason why the cost of the process can be half as expensive for a deeper cleaning.

In reality, it is the technique to be preferred to restore a room or a dwelling at a lower cost. Among the

advantages of cryogenic cleaning on a fire disaster

, this process can be carried out safely on sensitive installations.

Examples: electrical appliances or plumbing.

Cryogenic cleaning: a perfectly adapted method for disaster cleaning

Typically, the persistent smell of smoke and burning is one of the most difficult problems to deal with after a fire. Fortunately, thanks to dry


cleaning, this problem will be solved in just 24 hours. In addition, this technique is also ideal for treating hard-to-reach places, often neglected as part of a deep cleaning.

Of course, thanks to its efficiency and treatment process,

cryogenic cleaning

also makes it possible to remove soot, smoke and any other contaminants without constraints. In some cases, this technique can even be used to remove mold that has proliferated on the walls.

Cryogenic cleaning

is the most environmentally friendly intervention among all the surface treatment processes currently available. Discover by clicking on the following link the Cryoblaster

cryogenic cleaning machines


Even if its realization seems simple, it is however necessary to entrust the work to a professional to benefit from a quality cleaning and in accordance with the rules of the art.

The advantages of the cryogenic solution when restoring a place after a disaster caused by fire are numerous:


  • Reduced treatment time
  • Non-abrasive cleaning without secondary waste
  • No treatment or cleaning to consider after the operation
  • Effective removal of recalcitrant odors
  • Reduced labour costs
  • No reprocessing of secondary waste
  • No need for drying : the treatment is dry
  • Perfect for hard-to-reach areas
Cryogenic cleaning on weather station following fire

Cryogenic cleaning operation on weather station following a fire…