ATX25-E V1


In the world of high-pressure cleaning and sandblasting, dry ice blasting is a new way of cleaning. It replaces sand, water or other cleaning agents with solid carbon dioxide that sublimates into gas.

The result is a powerful cleaning solution that can remove almost all dirt from surfaces such as grease stains on walls or oily marks on floors.

Examples of ATX25-E use

  • Cleaning electrical cabinet,
  • Preventive cleaning and industrial fix,
  • Cleaning car engines,
  • Cleaning plastic moulds and foundries,
  • Cleaning hydraulic group,
  • Cleaning industry manufacturing anode carbon,
  • Cleaning furnace metallization,
  • Cleaning and stripping bitumen,
  • Empty oven cleaning,
  • Cleaning printing,
  • Cleaning cardboard,
  • Cleaning chains conveyor: agri-food, metallurgy…
  • Degreasing the surfaces,
  • Etc…

Technical data
  • Working pressures: 3 to 15 bar
  • Ice consumption:0 to 75 kg/h
  • Pressure regulator: series
  • Regulator Ice Rate:in series
  • Tank capacity: 20 kg
  • Anti-static firing hose*: 5 m, 3/4″
  • Motor: electric (alternating/asynchronous)
  • Frame/tank:stainless steel 304
  • Electric power: 750 watt
  • Powersupply: 230 volts
  • Warranty: 24 months

Dimensions and weights

  • Size: Long 480 / width 530 / High 1100 mm
  • Weight: 92 kg (98 kg with gun and hose)

Anti-static and anti-abrasion hose, specially designed and proven for dry ice cleaning

  • Horometer,
  • RESET function: engine thermal protection
  • Pressure regulator,
  • Ice conso regulator,
  • Micronic filter,
  • Anti-whiplash necklace,
  • Stainless steel handles: front rocker panel,
  • Front swivel wheels with brake,
  • Rear wheels type jockey,
  • Pneumatic gun with 360° rotary connection,
  • 1X Nozzles: B105
  • Anti-static/anti-abrasion blasting hose, 5 meters,
  • Inflatable torquer type “cat head” fitting,
  • Stainless steel tank 304: 20 kg + high frequency electric vibrator,
  • Instruction manual,
  • Video training

Recommended options

  • Fragmentation nozzle
  • Flat buse BPL27

Discover the ATX25-E V1 Dry Ice Cleaner – The Industrial Cleaning Revolution!

Clean, strip and restore with unparalleled efficiency with our ATX25E V1 cryogenic cleaner!

Are you looking for an efficient, ecological and economical industrial cleaning solution? Look no further! Our ATX25-E V1 dry ice cleaner is the revolutionary solution you need.

Performance and versatility

The ATX25-E V1 cryogenic cleaner offers unparalleled cleaning power for all your industrial needs, whether stripping, cleaning or restoration. It is equipped with a 750 W electric motor, allowing dry ice blasting from 0 to 75 kg/h, and its compact design makes it an easy tool to maneuver in the tightest of spaces.

Economies and ecology

Your ATX25-E V1 dry ice blasting cleaner will allow you to significantly reduce your cleaning and maintenance costs while respecting the environment. Indeed, it uses dry ice, an ecological cleaning agent that does not generate secondary waste and does not require harmful chemicals.

The ATX25-E V1 offers high performance, excellent consistency and a simplistic design. The device is designed for cleaning large facilities, such as warehouses and factories.

Ideal for cleaning tire moulds made of rubber, plastics moulds, resin, grease, core boxes, heat exchangers, electric motors, sensors, paint, wood, cable trays, machine tools, etc., while reducing your energy consumption, your dry ice consumption.

file pdf iconDatasheet PDF:

ATX25-E V1


Fryer resistance cleaning | Agri-Food | 1 min 25 s

Machine tool degreasing | Miscellaneous electrical equipment | 1 min 10 s

Wrapper Cleaning | Agri-Food | 2 min 12 s

Cleaning glue on stairs | Manufacture of adhesives | 1 min 14 s


Security and ease of use

Thanks to its innovative cryogenic projection system, the ATX25E V1 guarantees safe cleaning for your operators and equipment. The dry cleaning process preserves the quality of the treated surfaces, thus avoiding the risk of corrosion or degradation. In addition, its simple and intuitive use will allow you to quickly train your teams and optimize their productivity.

Control panel machine dry ice blasting ATX25-E


Unlimited applications

The ATX25E V1 is the perfect solution for a wide range of industrial applications, such as aerospace, automotive, food and beverage, plastics, textiles, and cultural heritage. Whatever your sector of activity, our dry ice blasting cleaner will meet your expectations and offer you exceptional results.

So don’t wait any longer, join the industrial cleaning revolution with our ATX25E V1 cryogenic cleaner! Contact us today to learn more and request a demo. Together, we will make your business cleaner, safer and more environmentally friendly.

  • Cleaning processing and food production equipment:
  • Cleaning assembly lines,including welding robots and other equipment
  • Production equipment — Automotive parts
  • Gravity aluminium smelter moulds
  • Paint booths
  • Ventilation systems
  • Aluminium smelter moulds by injection
  • Meat processing plants
  • Rubber and plastics moulds
  • Rubber polymerization equipment
  • OFFSET rotary cleaning
  • Bottling industry
  • Electronics industry
  • Pharmaceuticalindustry
  • Packaging equipment
  • Mold cleaning
  • Post-fire cleaning
  • Historical restoration: monuments
  • Car cleaning (engine and chassis)
  • Graffiti removal — Asphalt and concrete cleaning on construction equipment
  • Cleaning wine barrels
  • Cleaning electrical cabinets and power and power generation equipment, including transformers, substations, wind turbines and generators off
  • Stripping anti-fouling paint on boat hulls
  • Etc.

Dry ice blasting service on soda with ATX25-E

Cryogenic cleaning service on the process of making photovoltaic panels, with ATX25-E…


Gun on 360-degree rotary connection

Buse B105 – Alu – 12.5 mm

Anti-whiplash necklace


Shooting hose 5 meters


Good to know:

Most factories in France have compressed air systems capable of delivering a pressure of 6 bar and a flow rate of at least 2.8 m³/min, suitable for ATX25-E V2 equipment. Higher air pressures and volumes can further improve the performance of this equipment.