ATX nano pneumatic dry ice blasting equipment

ATX nano-P: versatile cryogenic cleaner – 100% pneumatic

The ATX nano-P dry ice blasting machine is the pneumatic version of the
ATX nano-E
dry ice blasting technology. This blaster offers many advantages over other cleaning methods.

First of all, this pneumatic version is more flexible and easy to use. Unlike other machines that require electrical connections to operate, the pneumatic version does not need additional wiring and can be used anywhere and installed in record time.

Thanks to its small footprint and low weight, operators can easily move the machine to reach the most difficult to reach areas.

ATX Nano-P offers many advantages over other cleaning methods. More flexible, lighter, more economical, the ATX Nano-P is ideal for companies looking to improve their production process.

Effectively removes:

– Oil, grease, ink, glue, food residues. Ideal for cleaning electrical cabinets, car cleaning…


The ATX nano-P is a precision dry ice blasting machine, which effectively removes oil, grease, dirt, ink, mold, rubber, organic and synthetic residues, paint, glue and multiple contaminants.

Ideal for small and medium surfaces : plastics molds, statues, car engines…

Its low compressed air consumption and dry ice consumption from 0 to 35 kg/h will allow you to clean surfaces, while saving money.

ATX nano-P is suitable for:

– car cleaning professional services
– industrial maintenance services (preventive cleaning)
– the plastics and foundry sectors,
– agri-food (preventive cleaning process)

Examples of use of the ATX nano

  • Cleaning electrical cabinet,
  • Industrial preventive cleaning,
  • Cleaning car engines,
  • Cleaning plastic moulds and foundries,
  • Cleaning industrial kitchens (hoods, grids, motor …)
  • etc.

Not suitable for:

– corrective cleaning (strong and extreme fouling) – See ATX25-E
– nettoyage grandes surfaces (nettoyage façade…) – ATX25-E

Technical data

  • Working pressures: 2 to 12 bar,
  • Ice consumption: 0 to 35 kg/h,
  • Pressure regulator: serial,
  • Regulator Ice Rate: in series
  • Tank capacity: 8 kg,
  • Anti-static firing hose*: 5 m, 3/4 inch,
  • Chassis/tank: stainless steel 304,
  • Engine: pneumatic
  • Warranty: 24 months

Dimensions and weights

  • Size: Long 560 / width 480 / High 980 mm
  • Weight: 48 kg (55 kg with gun and hose)

Anti-static and anti-abrasion hose, specially designed and proven for dry ice cleaning


  • Pressure regulator,
  • Ice conso regulator,
  • Micronic filter,
  • Anti-whiplash necklace,
  • Side panel on hinges,
  • Front swivel wheels with brake,
  • Pneumatic gun, with 360° rotary connection,
  • 3X Supersonic nozzles: “S”, “M”, and “L”,
  • Anti-static/anti-abrasion blasting hose, 5 meters,
  • Pneumatic coupler type MODY,
  • Stainless steel tank 304: 8 kg + pneumatic ball vibrator
  • Anti-whiplash necklace,
  • Grounded cable,
  • Instruction manual,
  • Video training

Recommended options

  • Fragmentation nozzle
  • Flat nozzle BPL38
  • Flat buse BPL27



  • Gravityaluminium foundrymoulds
  • Aluminium smeltermoulds by injection
  • Rubberand plasticsmoulds
  • Electronics industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Mould cleaning
  • Fire damage cleaning
  • Carcleaning (engine and chassis)
  • Cleaning electrical cabinets and power and power generation equipment, including transformers, substations, wind turbines and generators off
  • Etc…


ATX nano-P dry ice cleaner


Dry ice blasting gun for ATX nano-P

Pneumatic gun rotary connection 320°

Dry ice blasting nozzles

3 Nozzles: “S”, “M”, “L”

Dry ice blasting hose for ATX nano series

Firing hose 5 meters (anti-static/anti-abrasion)